Voice Actors

Lego, Burrito and Cupcake voiced by Teenchampion.

Calculator, Dice, Jigsaw, Button and Donut (as of episode 2) voiced by Ultratoons.

Gun voiced by Volcanoclaw.

Ice Cream voiced by Lavaboyoh (episode 1 & 2), TheFFAnimation (episode 3-6) and TheOrangeloveant (episode 7- present)

Bouncy ball voiced by The2Trolles

Sharpener voiced by Legotd61

Toast voiced by TBlizzi

Tune voiced by BFDIDubita23

Mirror voiced by TheOrangeloveant (episode 1 & 2) and RetroRuoy (episode 3-present)

Phone voiced by Jaggerbug

Notebook voiced by Goldenzoomi (episode 1 & 2) and 

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