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Welcome to the Object Mayhem wiki! Object Mayhem is an animated reality show created by UltraToons about various different objects competing to win an unknown grand prize. On this wiki you can explore all of the characters and find out their personalities and traits. There have been a total of 18 contestants on the show (Mailbox, Tune and Toast debut). Object Mayhem's original release date was August 1st 2012, but it was re-uploaded to September 1st 2012. Currently, there are 13 episodes. 


Feel free to contribute to the Object Mayhem wiki as much as you want! Just don't add any needless information or spam, though. Vandalism is not recommended due to that fact that you'll be banned for some time if you decide to. So I would advise you comply with the Rules of the wiki and have fun! If you have any questions or quiries please do not hesitate to contact UltraToons on his message wall .

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